World Class Boudoir FAQ’s
What if I want to remain anonymous?
All of our photo shoots are discrete, only the people that must be involved are involved and they all adhere to our strict guidelines. We value and respect your privacy and I am willing to sign a confidentiality agreement/ non-disclosure to keep your identity private should you request it.
I need photo shoots done on a regular basis, can I get a professional discounted ‘bulk’ rate?
Yes, Inquire for details.
Does the photographer provide wardrobe?
Due to the personal nature of most intimate apparel in these photo sessions, it is not advisable to have garments shared by models. If a model wants help with selection, coordination or purchase of outfits and accessories, the photographer can arrange a professional clothes stylist who can be hired to assist.
Could I do the shoot with my partner, together?
Yes. You can request a photo shoot with one or more people involved, you would be splitting the package costs and time amongst you as you please.
Could my partner and I be intimate for the pose?
Yes. As long as it is done in a classy and respectable manner and we have planned for it and agreed on it ahead of time.
Can two couples share a session?
Yes – booking a “four-way” session is a great way for couples to increase erotic fun and share the costs of the photo session. If two couples do share a session, they don’t have to all be on camera at the same time; camera time can be shared or divided. There are additional charges though, to cover make-up cost for both couples etc..
Do your sessions always involve nudity?
Nudity is not an expectation or requirement of any of our sessions. It is strictly up to each person to set their own comfort level in this matter, and we always respect and honor your requests without pressure or judgment.
All of your models are so good looking…Do you have to be young and possess a model’s figure for your sessions?
With the exception of handful of individuals, all of the women depicted on out site and in our galleries are not professional models. Our sessions are about mood, sensuality, passion and eroticism – not about age or body dimensions. It is our job to always find the best camera angle and lighting to illustrate your inherent beauty and to interpret that into a fine image.
Do we have to sign a release?
The signing of a model release is never required in a commissioned session. However, the photographer may ask that you consider signing a release if a session yields some particularly artful results – this would only be a request and not a requirement.
How long in advance do I need to book my erotic photo shoot?
Generally, it is advisable to book your photo shoot at least 1 weeks in advance.
What are Erotic Video Vignettes?
Erotic Video Vignettes are short (1-5 minutes) erotic video clips. They are done in a very artistic and classy way with professional beauty lighting and cinematic camera movements. You may also choose to remain anonymous and have your face blurred or hidden by stylized shadows.
What types of photo packages are offered?
There are several set packages for your ease and convenience check our our Toronto Erotic Photography and Toronto Erotic Videography Rates. Customized photo shoot packages can always be arranged upon request.
What do I need to do in order to confirm my photo appointment?
Photo sessions are only confirmed after receipt of your deposit.
How much is the deposit I have to invest?
Usually 30% of the photo shoots’ total fee.
Are deposits refundable?
Deposits are fully refundable up to 7 days prior your scheduled photo session, providing no expenses have been incurred in preparation for your individual session. If you cancel you photo session with less than 7 days notice, your deposit can be applied towards another booking so long as that booking is within 30 days from the original booking date. If another session is not rescheduled within the 30 day period, then the deposit will be forfeited. If the photographer cancels a booking for any reason or at any time, your deposit will be refunded in full.
How can I pay for my deposit?
Deposit can be paid in cash or credit as well as via PayPal. Cash or cheques are also accepted if time and location permits.
How do I choose a photographer that’s right for me?
You can choose a photographer based on the photographer’s style of erotic imagery. As well, each of our erotic photographers have an area of specialty like gay photography or fetish photography.
Do your photographers shoot men and gay themes?
Do you shoot more racy fetish photography?
Sure. We have shot many fetish themes & even parties, some of our fetish photography is even too naughty to put on our public erotic portfolio.
Do you shoot adult industry professionals?
Yes. Richard specializes in professional intimate nude photography for industry professional. Shooting Courtesans and adult industry pros from all over North America.
Who selects the final outfits to be used?
At the beginning of each session, we will look through everything that was brought to the photo session. We will make our selection together of which garments are most suitable. To coordinate with the makeup, we will then decide the order and location for each outfit.
How many images of each outfit or scene do you shoot?
The number of exposures or images taken for each outfit or scene will vary on many factors. The complexity of the pose and location, the lighting conditions (especially when employing natural light), and the experience and comfort of the model on camera. Generally, we will shoot about 30 to 50 frames for each scene, out of which the best images will be selected for proofing.
Who is in the room besides the photographer?
Besides the photographer, there may be a female makeup artist.
Can I bring my spouse, friend or partner to the photo shoot?
We find that it is better not having additional people around during the actual photography, as this is very often distracting to the un-seasoned model. Occasionally, if the model feels in need of support, or to have someone to ‘play-off of’ we allow visitors on set.
Can I shoot without hiring a Makeup/Hair artist?
Yes. You can opt to do your own make up or book one of our professional make up and hair stylist.
I am nervous about posing, what can I do to relax?
Bring some of your own music CD or DVD, we have speakers on set for iPods and MP3 players. You may bring wine or spirits, if you find it relaxing.
Who selects the final best images from the photo session?
Your photographer will narrow down a shortlist of the best images for you.
Can I get a full set of all the images taken?
Can I purchase a copy of the High resolution JPEG’s?
Yes, It is an option available for $90 digitally delivered or mailed on a CD without a watermark.
Can I order extra retouched images?
Yes. Retouching can be ordered at a rate of $30 per image.
How long does it take to retouch the selected images?
Generally, it takes about 3-5 business days after the selection of the best images have been done.
How are the final retouched photos delivered?
They will be emailed directly to you or burned on a CD.
Can I get my proof set and retouched images on a CD?
Do you delete the ‘rejected’ image files?
No, all images taken are stored in photographer’s archives. You may want to have certain images deleted and we respect your wishes. Nothing would be done with your images without prior written consent from you.
Who owns the image files and the copyrights?
The photographer always retains ownership of all images as well as the copyrights to those images. That said, nothing would be done with your images without prior written consent from you.
Would you use my pictures commercially? Post them or print them in books or use them in ads?
Nothing would be done with your images without prior written consent from you. We only reserve the right to use images in my portfolio and for promotional purposes.
Could you use my photos in your upcoming book, or gallery exhibition?
Yes. Just mention your desire to participate and we will arrange the proper agreement prior to shooting.
Do I need my images retouched?
It is our professional opinions that yes, definitely have them retouched to get the most impact out of your image. Photo retouching is optional and may only be necessary to achieve a specific desired look.
What if I need Official Signing Posters made?
You can order any of your images to be designed into ‘Official Signing Posters’ that can carry your name, web address or other info you may want to customize. You can choose from my private template or use your own design!
What are the costs for these posters?
They range according your printing needs. I.e. quantity, size, design etc…
Inquire for full details.
Can I order prints from my photo session?
Yes, you can order prints at any time after your photo session..
What size of prints can I order?
Prints can be ordered from wallet size to wall poster size
Could you print my images on canvas?
Yes, you can choose to have your photo printed on canvas, mounted, elegantly framed or made into postcards you can mail and even into your own calendar or personal coffee table book. Inquire for details.
What are the costs for prints?
The cost of prints vary based on the size of the print and the medium, type of paper or canvas etc.
How long does it take to complete a print order?
Most print orders can be completed within 7-10 days.

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