Studio Vs. Location

Easy steps to deciding what’s right for you.

How do you decide whether you should use a studio or a location? What’s better anyway? What does each cost?

All great questions that we will touch on in this short post. The way to figure out what’s right for you is to step back and have the end in mind.  By that I mean, think on what you want to accomplish with this new content. So you figure you need a new set of images or videos, maybe you are starting out, or starting fresh and need a whole new lot of erotic content. Maybe you updated your look and want to add it to your gallery.

In a traditional studio there are blank walls or seamless backdrops with the usual black, white, gray and some colors. Usually, but not always there are some props like a chair, stool or couch. The benefit to this is that you can create the traditional studio looking image, if that’s what you are going for. Another benefit to studio is that you can have a clean background to help focus the attention where you want it, whether it’s on you or what you are doing in the image or video. Another benefit is that you can build a set or bring in set pieces or props to create your own environment or unique look.

The downside to shooting on set is that you can usually only get one or two unique looks out of it at a time and that it may get a little dull if you want to have five different looks.

Here are some example of images I have photographed in studios, some are concept based and have a unique visual esthetic to them that make them more interesting and a perfect choice for studio vs. location.

What if I want a whole whack load of new content for my website? Great! That’s a great opportunity to use a location to get you the variety of backgrounds and scenes to either tell a story or just have a super sexy set of luxurious images that are visual pleasing and have an editorial magazine quality to them.

Some great locations that I have used and recommend if you want a whole set of looks are hotel suites that give a specific luxury vibe while allowing for versatility in scenes to capture both photos and videos. For example you can use a suite to shoot a bedroom scene, an executive desk type scene, a floor to ceiling window & city view scene, a marble bathroom shower/bath scene. You can even use the hotel elevator or hallway as I have in the examples below. Or go to the swimming pool and spa area to get some lifestyle type images as well. This you could never do in a studio, but a location well chosen will get you a lot of bang for your buck generally for around $300 suite rental and you can keep it overnight.

Some great locations that I have used for free are, beaches, parks, downtown streets and alleys, all of which create a unique look and if done properly can be unmatched by another’s image. It’s a great way to stand out from the competition. Here are more examples of images on location.

Some times you can get the best of both worlds and shoot in a studio that’s has the seamless walls as well as an authentic loft feeling with old wood floor and bare beams and brick walls. In one of my studios there is even a fire escape and big industrial factory type windows. Ultimately it boils down to what you want to accomplish, if you are unsure and want to ask some questions or get suggestions feel free to drop me a line. Hope you enjoyed this post; your comments are always welcome.