Styles of erotic boudoir photography

Pin up
This one it is a bit more costume-y, for the fans of retro and really dig it. Anyone can pull it off with the right make up, hair, outfit and attitude. The thing is, it is really not for the shyer bunch. You have to be more outgoing and flirty and “out there”.
A nice article of the history of pinups by Boudoir Louisville – here

The background is plain and any color. There is some retro props needed. Bring whatever you think is retro! Lipstick is a must.

And since I can’t post faces, mine is always available.

Artistic Nude
Well, yes, you do have to take all your clothes for this one. It’s more a play of light and shape, more like a piece of artwork to put up in you wall. Barely any eye contact needed really.
Here also there is a comfort level needed, it also helps if you have an idea in mind that we can interpret. For this one I would go for a simple white or black background.

“Fashion Magazine” boudoir
A little more brazen and plenty of eye contact. This is the Maxim style cover. The La Senza and Victoria Secret catalogue. Fan in the hair. Tousled hair

“Getting ready” boudoir

My specialty. A little peek into the sensuality of getting ready, or getting undressed. Some tossing around the bed included.

The idea in general is capturing you in a natural setting, like getting ready. The result is a little more voyeuristic.

And you know those because they are all over here.